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10:15-11:45 A.M. Beijing Time, December 19, 2023(Tuesday)


Room 830, Mingde Main Building,open to all students




'Clear Growth'


Professor Costas Arkolakis

Costas Arkolakis is a professor of economics at Yale University and an NBER fellow. Dr. Arkolakis graduated from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, USA. The current Journalof International Economics joint chief editor, Journal of Economics Literature,commissary, American Economic Journal: Micro deputy editor. Professor Arkolakis' research interests include international economics, spatial economics, industrial organization, and macroeconomics. In American Economic Review Journal of Political Economy,Quarterly Journal ofEconomics, Review of Economic Studies. More than ten papers have been published in the American Economic Journal Macro and other world-class economics journals.


We provide a spatial theory of clean growth to assess the global impact of the rise of renewable energy. Wemodel the details of the combined production and transmission network of electricity (“the grid') thatdetermine the supply and losses of energy in space. The local rate of clean energy adoption depends onlcearning-by-doing, the global electricity and trade network, and regional comparative advantage in renewabkresources. We use the model to measure the aggregate and spatial implications of clean growth. We find that theworld's power system is likely to be dominated by renewables by 2040 in a range of scenarios, with substantiawelfare gains, even in the absence of policy. Incorporating policy, we find that the US Inflation Reduction Actsignificantly accelerates renewable uptake. and generates substantial economic benefits. In addition. plannegrid improvements lower prices substantially in many areas of the US. justifving their cost of construction