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10:00A.M. Beijing Time, December 15, 2023(Friday)


When A Market Is Not Legally Defined As A Market: EvidenceFrom Two Types of Dark Trading


Room 515A, Mingde Main Building,open to all students




Professor Ye Mao

Prof . Ye Mao is a tenured professor in the Department of Finance, Cornell University Business School and a fellow at Columbia University Law School and the National Supercomputing Center. He was a fellow at Harvard University's Big Data Initiative and a tenured professor at the University of Illinois. His research was praised as pioneering research by the United States Senate and profoundly influenced the design of the United States securities exchange system. In July 2018, he was invited to deliver a keynote speech on 'Big Data in Finance' at the 41st Annual Summer Committee of the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), becoming the first Chinese citizen to receive this honor, and has served as the convener of the conference on Big Data Discipline of the NBER since then.