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Application Materials

Within one week after online application, students should mail the hard-copies of the above items to the International Student Office (IS0) of Renmin University of China for qualification examination.

Mail to:

Ms Fang Ruting

International Students Office

Room 108 International Cultural Exchange Center

Renmin University of China

#59 Zhongguancun Street

Haidian District, Beijing

100872 P.R. China

All application materials shall be in Chinese / English, and notarized Chinese / English translation shall be provided for texts other than Chinese / English. Documents in other languages will not be accepted.

For detailed requirements of the application materials, please go through 2024 Enrollment Guide on Master Program in English for International Students of Renmin University of China . You may find the guide at http://iso.ruc.edu.cn/sqlx/MasterinEnglish/index.htm.

1. Application Form for International Students of Renmin University of China

The form should be printed clearly on one piece of A4 paper. Smeared, doodled or damaged forms are not acceptable. Applicants must sign the form.

2. Final Education Certificate

1) Applicants who have graduated should submit the copy of final education certificate, with the original copy of the notarization of the final education certificate or the original copy of verification of the final education certificate by the Ministry of Education of China, the Ministry of Education of the applicant’s country, the applicant’s embassy in China, Chinese embassy in the applicant’s country or other institutions entrusted by the Ministries and Embassies mentioned above.

2) If the applicant is currently a student at school, please submit the original or notarized copy of the certificate of expected graduation issued by his or her current university. The original diploma and graduation certificate must be provided to the university for re-examination. Those who fail to pass the re-examination will not be admitted for registration. If the applicant cannot provide the related final education certificate according to the item 1) above within the first two weeks after registration in September, the enrollment will be turned down.

3. Transcript (original or notarized)

The transcript must include all the courses of the final education period. If the full score of the course is not 100, please provide the guide to transcript.

4. Copies of the first page and visa page of the passport

The applicant must hold an ordinary passport. Other types of passport or ID documents are not allowed for application. The validity of the passport must be later than March 31st, 2023. Otherwise, please change the passport in advance. Applicants must apply for registration and study in China with ordinary passports. The copy of the visa page refers to the copy of the visa page held in China (if any). Please do not change the passport after the online preliminary review.

5. Two Recommendation Letters

Two recommendation letters are required, from two professors or associate professors written in Chinese or English using the letterhead with the university’s name at the top.

The recommendation letters must contain the signature of the recommender. Applicants who have left the University for a long time and cannot get in touch with the university may submit a recommendation letter issued by the leader in charge of the applicant’s work unit using the letterhead paper of the recommender.

6. Personal Statement

The personal statement provides an opportunity for you to present yourself. The content should include personal study and work experience, academic research achievements, research plans, career planning after graduation, etc., written in English.

7. Foreigner Physical Examination Form

The original document. The template of Foreigner Physical Examination Form can be downloaded on the website of International Students Office. The applicant should go to the local regular hospital for physical examination in strict accordance with the items specified in the Foreigner Physical Examination Form. A physical examination form missing items, photo, cross-page seal, signature of the doctor and the seal of the hospital is considered invalid.

8. English Proficiency Certificate

The total score of IELTS must be 6.0 or above, and TOEFL score must be 90 or above.Other English proficiency certificates are not accepted. Applicants who have obtained an English-taught degree or who are native English speakers (including those of Chinese descent born in foreign countries) are not required to submit English proficiency certificate.

9. Proof of Economic Capability (choose one of the following).

1) Bank deposit certificate of the applicant (time deposit of no less than RMB 30,000 and the maturity date should be after October 2022).

2) the guarantor’s employment certificate (annual income specified) or bank deposit certificate (the employment certificate must be issued on the company’s letterhead paper or time deposit of no less than RMB 30,000 and the maturity date should be after October 2022).

10. Letter of Guarantee.

The template of the Letter of Guarantee can be downloaded from the website of the International Students Office. The Letter of Guarantee should be signed by the applicant’s relative or the economic guarantor.

11. Certificate of No Criminal Record (original or notarized copy).

1) Applicants who are currently not in Chinese mainland should offer the certificate issued by the local public security department.

2) Applicants who are currently in Chinese mainland should offer the certificate issued by entry and exit administration departments of China.

12. Nationality Proof

According to the Nationality Law of the People’s Republic of China and the Letter No.12 [2020] of the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, some applicants shall provide additional materials as required below.

1) Applicants having acquired foreign nationality at birth with their parent(s) being Chinese citizen(s) when s/he was born should submit:

a. Proof of acquisition of foreign nationality at birth (notarized copy);

b. Copies of the parents’ identity documents at the applicant’s birth;

c. Copies of the parents’ current identity documents.

Matters needing attention:

* All application materials shall be in Chinese / English, and notarized Chinese / English translation shall be provided for texts other than Chinese / English.  Documents in other languages shall not be accepted. If the published academic paper is too long to provide translation, Chinese / English search proof, publication notice or other relevant publication proof materials shall be provided, and the original paper shall be attached;

*If the submitted materials are notarized copies, they shall be the original notarized copies, other copies shall not be accepted;

*All application materials will not be returned once submitted;

*The school reserves the right to require the applicant to submit relevant supporting materials.