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Extracurricular Activities

The annual cultural festival at Renim University is always a highlight of the academic year. It is a time when students from all over the world could come together to celebrate their diverse backgrounds and share their unique cultures with each other.


This year's festival was no exception. The campus was alive with music, dance, and the tantalizing aromas of international cuisine.

As a proud Belarusian student at Renmin University, I was excited to represent the Belarusian booth at this year's cultural festival. I had spent weeks preparing, and gathering handmade crafts and traditional foods from my homeland to share with my fellow students.


As the festival began, I eagerly awaited the arrival of visitors to my booth. When the first guests arrived, I greeted them with a warm smile, traditional songs in the background, and welcomed them with the Belarusian phrase” Сардэчна запрашаем у краіну Беларусь” to explore the many treasures of Belarusian culture.


Inside the booth, I had set up a display of woven baskets, embroidered tablecloths, and hand-carved wooden figurines. To show a better understanding of our culture I projected beautiful videos on the wall and hang our traditional clothes for visitors to try on. I also brought traditional Belarusian foods such as chocolates, condensed milk, kwas, traditional birch juice, cookies, and powdered milk for visitors to sample. We also had a masterclass on how to make Belarusian pancakes with sour cream and condensed milk.


As I talked with the guests, I shared stories of Belarusian history and culture. I taught them the Belarusian alphabet and told them about the importance of family and community and the significance of holidays such as Kupalle and Kaliady. I also explained the symbolism behind some of the handmade crafts, such as the intricate embroidery on the tablecloths and the meaning behind the patterns on the woven baskets.

I was thrilled to see the guests' faces light up as they learned about Belarusian culture. Some of them even asked me questions about how to make traditional dishes or where they could purchase handmade crafts like the ones in my booth.


I tried to show that the Belarusian booth was not just a display of crafts and food, but a symbol of the deep connection that Belarusians have with their culture and with each other, to show the importance of staying connected to our roots, no matter where we are in the world.

As the festival came to a close, I felt a sense of pride and satisfaction in having shared my heritage with so many people. I knew that the memories of the Belarusian booth would stay with me and with the guests for years to come.