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Extracurricular Activities

My name is Maduo Pearl Raditloko from Botswana. I am a first year Master of Science in Fintech student at the School of Finance. On the 7th of May the International students Office organized a cultural festival in which I participated with my country mate (Gosego Jotia) to represent our culture. There about 20 countries that were showcased that day.

At our stall we had different cultural displays from our country. We had the traditional chair that is sat on only by man called the “setilo”, the mat made of cow skin “phate”, traditional storage baskets “ditlatlana” and necklaces “dibaga” that are made from ostrich eggshells. We also had some traditional attire for females and males used for traditional dance. We also had the opportunity to also display posters about our presidents, currency and the 3 chiefs that helped us gain our independence. We had also prepared some local foods; samp and beans “dikgobe” and beef sausages made from beef made in Botswana. We also had locally produced products from Botswana and a model diamond that is produced in Botswana.

We had an amazing day because we got an opportunity to showcase Botswana culture, history and local foods. A lot of people had an amazing time learning about Botswana. Despite showcasing about Botswana, we also had an opportunity to learn about other countries’ culture and heritage. We danced, ate and had fun.


With one of the visitors holding the traditional basket "tlatlana"


With Val at the Belarussian stall


With some visitors with our traditional attire on display in the background

With a visitor and Gosego and I are wearing traditional attire normally worn at weddings

With a visitor from Vietnam with our currency (Botswana Pula) in the background