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"Mountains and seas are not far away for those with common aspirations."

Through the old city of autumn, the sun is gentle, water and light glittering. In

this beautiful season, the Chinese Learning Program in the "Reach Out" series

of volunteer activities for international students will provide a relaxed and

pleasant platform for you to connect with friends from all over the world with

beautiful and meaningful Chinese. In the process of language exchange and

cultural collision, it helps participants to improve their language ability, expand their horizons and establish friendship across nationalities.

Activity Profile

The Chinese Learning Program is an activity in which Chinese students teach

Chinese to international students. The Chinese volunteers will mainly teach the basic parts of THE NEW Practical Chinese Textbook in English.

Each teaching session focuses on a specific course theme. In addition, groups

are arranged before class, and one or two auxiliary teaching volunteers are

arranged for each group to demonstrate for the corresponding group of

international students and help them correct their sounds in the classroom

practice teaching.

The purpose of this activity is to provide a platform for international students

to learn Chinese and understand China, to help them improve their quality of

life in China, to increase their social and cultural experience through Chinese

classroom teaching and to create a better atmosphere for cultural and academic exchanges between China and foreign countries on campus.

Activity Information





October 14,2023(Sat.)

The 1st class

October 21,2023(Sat.)

The 2nd class

October 28,2023(Sat.)

The 3rd class

November 4,2023(Sat.)

The 4th class

Novermber 11,2023(Sat.)

The 5th class

November 18,2023(Sat.)

The 6th class

November 25,2023(Sat.)

The 7th class

December 2,2023(Sat.)

The 8th class

(The above is for reference only, the specific time arrangement shall be subject to the actual situation)



Lide Building(Specific classrooms will be notified separately)