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Alumni's Voice

BADRAL Nasantogtokh is a current student enrolled into 2020 MSF program sponsored by the China Developmen bank. Below is his essay on his refletions on 2020 MSF program:

First of all, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the China Development bank for giving me an opportunity to study in China as one of 2020 scholars. Experiencing the master degree majoring in finance at Ren Min University of China would enable me to grow both in personally and professionally at during this specific period of time of Covid-19 pandemic.

Even the whole world is under the fear of this pandemic, applicability of an advanced technology and accessibility of the limitless online network throughout the world cannot stop the ones who would like to learn and the ones who would like to teach, to make better world with regardless of this situation.

As a result of strong and effective various preventive measures taken by Government of Mongolia, Mongolia has counted 339 cases which are all transmitted and zero loss as of October 26, 2020. And all people here in Mongolia are all being staying healthy and safe and we are all taking good care of us according to continuous recommendation from Ministry of Health.

During this specific period of time, on one hand, an online study enables us to stay healthy and safe at our home but on other hand, an active and live interaction among students and professors are bit missing. Even there are some minor technical difficulties, we are still be able to manage it and investigate our courses in deep.

I am still referring to Development Bank of Mongolia and after my successful graduation from master degree at RUC, I will be equipped and refreshed with more talents and skills in profession which in result I could make more contribution to the capacity building of DBM and sustainable development of banking and finance sector of Mongolia at policy and regulation level, and application of international best practices into Mongolian case.

I hope that soon we all will be gathering together at school successfully overcoming this pandemic.


BADRAL Nasantogtokh, Mongolia